You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the newsletter. ). If you want to plan your trip to Greece, you will find every details in my article: 1 Month in Greece: the ultimate itinerary. Then, visit the ancient site and the museum. Découvrez sur ce blog un compte rendu jour après jour du voyage que j'ai effectué dans ce pays, avec ma compagne, en septembre 2018. Besides for the many inspirational sites, Greece is also renowned for its cafes, restaurants, and bars, its extraordinary natural views, but most necessarily its awesome history. var layer = $(this); Distance: 225 KilometersTime Required: 2 Hour 40 Minutes. It’s clearly one of the must-see attractions during this one-month road trip in Greece! From Syntagma Square, reach Ermou street to do a bit of shopping, and visit the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Everything is detailed in my itineraries. Shopping In Greece: 10 Spots To Shop For The Quaint, Quintessential, And Quirky, Greece Nightlife: A Guide Through The Lit Streets Of The Country Beyond Its White Buildings. Plan at least 3 hours to explore the site. At the end of the day, drive to Mystras and spend the night there. The best islands to visit while you are in are Santorini, Mykonos and Crete. On your 5th day, in the morning, end your stay in Nafplio with a visit to the Palamidi Fortress. East Mani Road Trip – Route Simply doing the drive with no stops will take you about five to six hours hours. You will also find a list of the best places to stay for every city. La Grèce est très morcelée et offre de jolis sentiers de randonnée, alors n'hésitez pas à emporter avec vous de bonnes chaussures de marche. C’est une agence de voyage locale implantée à Athènes. easing:"linear", You will have enough time to see all the best places to visit listed in my article: Visit Athens: The 20 Must-See attractions. Distance: 502 KilometersTime Required: 5 Hour 22 Minutes, Suggested Read: Shopping In Greece: 10 Spots To Shop For The Quaint, Quintessential, And Quirky. And if you’re looking for the best places to stay during this 7-8 days road trip in Greece, you will find all the best hotels in Peloponnese in my detailed itinerary (click here). That’s perfect : during your holidays, you will discover 2 completely different atmospheres: I’ve made a detailed day to day itinerary to help you organize your three weeks road trip in Greece: The best itinerary to visit Greece in 3 weeks. A. I compare rental cars prices in Athens now! if( ! Rhodes Island, Road and Topographic Tourist Map, Greece. During this 10-day road trip in Greece, you will discover: Let’s start this itinerary in Athens. Distance: 69 KilometersTime Required: 1 Hour, Must Read: Greek Island Cruises: 11 Cruises To Explore Greece On Waters. In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared this travel guide with the 7 best road trips itineraries in Greece depending on the duration of your stay (3, 5, 7, 10 days, 2 and 3 weeks and even 1 month!). If you want to check the schedules and book your ferry tickets, click the button below: Now that you’ve discovered the best of Central Greece, Peloponnese and the Greek Islands, it’s time to end this 1-month road trip in Greece in the Dodecanese. You won’t be dissatisfied with what you encounter there. Take a stroll in its beautiful paved alleys, and get back in your car to reach Mystras, the last stop of your day! If you’re not bound by school holidays, you should really avoid July and August, as the islands are very crowded and the weather is very hot. The best itinerary to visit Greece in 3 weeks. Quelques dépenses détaillées sachant qu'on voulait parfois ce faire plaisir. Your 14-15 days itinerary in Greece is already over! Day 12: Drive to Thessaloniki’s Airport, drop off your rental car and fly to Santorini. Both are included in the 12€ entrance ticket. Road Trip Greece Itinerary – Thessaloniki, Athens, Halkidiki & Greek gods! Delicious food, great restaurants, white sand beaches, turquoise Mediterranean waters and sunsets that can make your jaw drop, Greece is a destination rivaled by few others for pure romance. As it doesn’t commit you to anything, you should book your car as early as possible to get the best price. controlNav:false, }); You should rent your car directly at the airport when you will arrive. 24 likes. var cloned = el.clone(); The island is usually counted as one of the Dodecanese, […] In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about Greece. There, you will enjoy splendid views of Nafplio and the sea. Greece travel is romantic, intoxicating and relaxing. Take the chance to traverse the terrain, tour on adjacent Mount Koziakas or raft under the Ionas River. If you are visiting Greece in 15 days, you will have enough time to spend a few days in the Greek Islands. If you’re spending a week in Greece and don’t want to visit Athens and Santorini, you can choose a 7 days road trip in Central Greece. Day 6: Delphi, where the Oracle of Delphi (the Pythia) transmitted Apollo’s directives from Gods to humans. For your 12th, 13th and 14th day, spend 3 days on one of these islands: If you want to discover my best 3-day itineraries for each island, you can click on the links above. This UNESCO World Heritage site was well restored and is the perfect place for a nice stroll. You will find the detailed itinerary in my article: 7 days in Greece: The Best Itinerary. The climate is particularly good, with the weather typically sunny and mild. itemWidth:300, This 2 weeks road trip in Greece also starts from Athens. Create a Trip. On your trip, you can make your initial stay at Vergina, the primary capital city of Macedonia. You’re planning to do a road trip in Greece? Road Trip in Crete. Size 27"x39". $(this).css('display', 'block'); Take a good long tour and then settle down at a local diner for authentic cuisines. It is around 166 kilometers from Meteora. After a long day exploring the country, you will probably want to get a good night’s sleep (and a hot shower of course! If you want to check the rates and schedules as well as book your ferry tickets in advance, click the button below: And if you want to read my detailed article about this 3 weeks itinerary in Greece, with all the best things to do and best places to stay, click here. Recommended itineraries for 3 days in Greece. $('#metaslider_50011').metaslider_scale_layers({ 1st and 2nd day – the best things to do are: During the next 3 days of your 15 days road trip in Greece, you will discover Peloponnese. During your trip, you will also have time to discover another Greek Island. If a road trip in Greece is the number one priority, then I think you should consider either leaving Crete out, OR only going to Crete. Des vacances pas chères en Grèce. Les villes et sites du Péloponnèse au programme de ce road trip en Grèce de 7 jours: Athènes, Mycènes, Epidaure, Nauplie, Monemvassia, Mistra, Olympie et Delphes. Wir verbrachten unser Flitterwochen in Irland und machten einen 3-wöchigen Road Trip. Take the ferry to Santorini or Athens, then fly back home. It’s clearly the easiest way to plan your 1-month road trip in Greece! Take a stroll and relax in Zappeion Park and the National Garden, then reach Syntagma Square. Then, you will go to the magnificent Greek Islands and their postcard landscape: Santorini, Amorgos, Naxos and Paros. It was house to the province of Agamemnon, a mythological hero in the war of Trojan. There, you will discover the remains of the Temple of Apollo and the Theatre and enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Discover all my articles about Greece: All my articles to help you plan your trip to Greece are listed there. $('#metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay .layer[data-link], #metaslider_50011 .msHtmlOverlay[data-link]').each(function() { Day 5: Start your road trip in Peloponnese and visit the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus. If you're concerned about noise, it makes sense to choose your hotel's location carefully. End your day in Nafplio and spend the night in the city. Voici le résumé de ce road trip pour savoir comment organiser vos journées pour 7 jours en Grèce: slideshowSpeed:3000, In Frankreich wird die Nouvelle Droite weitgehend von GRECE dominiert, so dass in der französischen Publizistik die Begriffe GRECE und Nouvelle Droite (zu deutsch Neue Rechte, nach der Extremismusfors… Creator of the Voyage Tips blog, travel and photography lover. any place we should stay away from or not miss. $19.95 Item Code : REIS19097. You’re planning a 15 days road trip in Greece? How are the roads, people. The ferry is the only way to go from an island to another in the Cyclades. That’s what I did, and it’s clearly the best month to visit Greece by car! Day 21: Your 3 weeks road trip in Greece is already over. window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_50011, 100) : !jQuery.isReady ? And last but not least, you can modify or even cancel your booking for free. Minoan's World The 9D Experience. 5 min read • Published Sep 30, 2020. Now that you've had time to dream of the places you desire to visit in Greece, we've gathered all the answers to questions you might have; to make your trip a memorable one. Old Venetian Harbor. Anything on a road is likely to suffer from traffic noise, and even at hotels not on a major road you may find that that "footpath" outside is used as a superhighway by Greece's notoriously loud motorbikes. }); Jamie Jensen’s full-color guide includes over 125 driving maps and key sights along the eleven cross-country road trip routes featured on this site. The next day (on your 4th day), continue your 10-day road trip in Greece, and drive to Peloponnese. During these last days in Greece, you will visit the island of Rhodes. Sounio is positioned 69 km southeast of Athens at the southernmost peak of Greece’s Attica region and is a region of magnificent archaeological significance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After my stay in beautiful Bulgaria, I felt it was time to relax on a white sandy beach, with a cocktail in my hand as I enjoy my view over the crystal blue shorelines.I drove through Serbia and Macedonia to eventually arrive in Thessaloniki, Greece. It enables you to explore the excellence of the mainland. It is a journey of approx — an hour from Athens. Some recipes you can taste here are smoky cheeses, Tangy Pomegranate Chicken, mouth-watering salads, cooked to perfection, and appetizers. 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Greece That Are Straight Out Of Heaven! You will also find a selection of all the best places to stay in Santorini. ROAD TRIP EN GRECE. directionNav:true, You should also book your car in advance, so you won’t have a bad surprise when you will arrive. Find ROADTRIP EN GRÈCE by La Souris Photographiste at Blurb Books. Das Groupement de recherche et détudes pour la civilisation européenne, Abkürzung GRECE, ist ein Theoriezirkel der französischen extremen Rechten, welches die Nouvelle Droite begründete und maßgeblich die Ideologiebildung der gesamten westeuropäischen Neuen Rechten beeinflusste. The theater is over 300 feet wide and is divided in three sections. J’ai eu la chance d’y effectuer un road trip fin juin et j’ai été agréablement surprise par les richesses naturelles et … No other part of Greece combines stupendous mountain scenery and scenic hikes with deserted, pristine beaches and a wealth of ancient sites like the Peloponnese. Road Trip en Grèce : 7 jours dans le Péloponnèse. The 7th day of your road trip in Greece will now take you to Delphi. The most important ones are located in: All my recommended itineraries in Greece are starting from Athens. 9 mai 2017 - Bilan de notre séjour sur Athènes et dans le Péloponnèse Take a look... Upcoming events. Arrive in Nafplio, a beautiful town to stroll the streets and enjoy a lovely evening meal. Grèce road trip Budget 11 jours en Grèce. You should spend 3 days on each island (travel time included). There, you can relax and take a dip at beautiful beaches. If you want to extend your roadtrip, consider adding in the Temple of Poseidon. Comment visiter la Grèce en camping-car ou en van aménagé ? If you’ve already read some of my articles, you know that I always rent my cars on website, whether I’m in Andalusia, Sicily, Canada or even Thailand. Day 16, 17 and 18: Take the ferry to reach Amorgos, the perfect island for hiking lovers. Mani Peninsula Road Trip – Route. Just two hours from Athens lies Nafplion, one of the most picturesque cities on the mainland and a worthy addition to your road trip in Greece.. This easy to use website allows you to compare prices and customer reviews between all the national and international rental cars agencies located in Athens’ Airport for example. The most popular of these all is The Oracle of Delphi, that can be flawlessly complemented by a tour to the Archaeological Museum of Delphi. You should visit them in this order: If you want more details about Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio, you can read my article: The 15 best things to do in Peloponnese. You will find every details to plan your 3 days holiday in Greece, depending on where you arrive (Athens, Santorini, Rhodes or Thessaloniki) in my article: Recommended itineraries for 3 days in Greece. If you want to plan your trip to Rhodes, you should read my article: Visit Rhodes: the definitive guide. Cela fait longtemps que je dois terminer cette série d’articles. If you want to do a 7 days road trip in Greece, you should read my detailed article: 1 week in Greece: recommended itinerary. There, you can visit picturesque villages, take a stroll in Paros Park, and relax at the beach. For your 7th day, you should go to the Meteora, and admire the impressive monasteries built on top of Huge rocks. Road Trip ist eine College-Komödie und ein Roadmovie aus dem Jahr 2000. 7 Exciting Festivals Of Edinburgh Every Foodie, Artist, & Thinker Should Attend In 2021, 10 Top Road Trips In Scotland You Must take For A Fun-Filled Experience, 14 Indian Restaurants In Europe That Will Ensure A Savory Experience, 10 Churches In Munich You Must Visit In 2021 For Their Awe-Inspiring Architecture, Food In Munich: 15 Mouth-Watering Dishes To Experience The Real Taste Of The City In 2020, 20 Mysterious Places In India To Visit In 2021 More Bizarre Than The Bermuda Triangle, 10 Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare, 83 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30 in 2021. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. There, you can enjoy the beautiful old town and relax at the beach. before: function(slider) { $('#metaslider_50011').metaslider_scale_layers({ The best things to do, how to get from one place to the other and the best places to stay during your trip. $('a').length) { Then move your route to Thessaloniki and travel its many statues and Byzantine cathedrals before resting by the waterfront. During this 6, 7 or 8 days road trip in Greece, you will discover Peloponnese‘s most famous cities and archaeological sites: Athens, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Monemvasia, Mystras, Olympia and Delphi. Marinas, Points of Interest & Landmarks. Day 15, 16 and 17: The ferry will take you to Naxos . For the 1st part of this one-month road trip in Greece, you will spend 12 days in Peloponnese and Central Greece. You can also choose the “Full Protection Insurance”,  and get complete excess refund in case of accident or theft. On your 1st day in Athens, you will visit: During your 2nd day, visit the Panathenaic Stadium, the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Buy the Lonely Planet Greece guide on, Buy the DK Eyewitness Greece guide on, 4-5 days in Greece: recommended itinerary + my best tips, Visit Rhodes: the 12 best things to do and see, 2 weeks in Scotland: The Ultimate 14-15 Days Itinerary + My Best Tips, 10 Days in Scotland: The Ultimate Itinerary + My Best Tips, Visit Malta: Top 27 things to do and best places to visit, Visit Palermo: Top 21 Things to Do and Must-See Attractions, Visit Sicily: Top 20 Things to Do and Must See Attractions, A week in Sicily: Ultimate 6, 7 or 8 days Itinerary + My Best Tips, Visit Taormina: The 13 best Things to Do and See, Visit Geneva: Top 23 Things To Do and Must-See Attractions, Visit Nice: The 15 Best things to do and see, Fira, with its white and blue houses, a typical postcard landscape, The picturesque villages of Pyrgos, Megalochori and Emporio, The Archaeological sites of the Ancient Thera and Akrotiri. minItems:1, A perfect Greece road trip map will avail you with more comfort while you plan for a road trip to the next city of Greece, i.e., Thessaloniki. J’espère que ces différents conseils vous aideront à préparer votre road trip en Grèce avec plus de sérénité. 4th day: Discover the Palamidi Fortress located above Nafplio + visit Monemvasia + Spend the night in Mystras. Five thousand years of dramatic history have left their indelible imprint. Road Trips In Greece 2021: It Is Time To Hit The Roads And See It All! Suivez mes péripéties en Grèce. Ajouté par nicogti. Distance: 300 KilometersTime Required: 3 Hour 05 Minutes. These articles will help you ! Dolphin fresco, Minoan palace at Knossos. Mauritius Holiday Starting at Rs 65,000/-. From the whitewashed buildings of Oia in Santorini to the mosaicked labyrinth of Chios — Greece has a surprise at every turn. Mycenae is around an hour and a half apart from Athens and practiced to be a significant Greek civilization center. $(this).css('display', 'block'); Day 18, 19 and 20: The last Greek Island you will visit is Paros. var metaslider_50011 = function($) { Nafplio is among the most romantic and adventurous road trip destinations in Greece and a city of great antiquity, as it was formerly the nation’s capital city (between 1823 and 1834). Now that you know all the best things to do during your road trip in Greece, it’s time to answer an important question: where to stay at every stage of your journey? A défaut, des baskets pourront aussi faire l'affaire, mais gare à l'entorse ! $('#metaslider_50011').flexslider({ The seaside city is an extraordinary economic hub connecting northern Greece and Turkey and is extremely confined to the Dada Forest and the magnanimous Evros delta. animationSpeed:600, $(this).remove(); Distance: 328 KilometersTime Required: 4 Hour 40 Minutes, Must Read: Top 19 Places To Visit In Greece In Year 2021 For A Perfect Mediterranean Vacation. English and multi-lingual legends. We will arrive evening of June 16th to Heraklion, plan to spend the night at Lato Hotel and then get our rental car first thing in the morning and head to Knossos. This road trip itinerary starts and finishes in Athens, taking in some of the most important places such as Ancient Olympia, but also a few lesser known places. On an average 287km, you will be capable of cherishing Mount Olympus and trip to Larissa to stay for lunch. Road trip en Grèce : six jours d’aventure et de découvertes . This one-week road-trip in Greece takes you to Athens et Santorini. One of the most famous road trips around Greece to head on to is from Athens To Mycenae. Go play. Die Fortsetzung Road Trip – Bier Pong (in Anlehnung an das gleichnamige Trinkspiel), eine Direct-to-Video-Produktion, wurde am 11.August 2009 in den USA veröffentlicht.